Distribution and Product Analytics Case Study

Identified a pathway to increase sales by over 30%

Montoux brought together customer, agent and market data to improve agent channel performance and boost sales by leveraging deep life insurance industry knowledge and advanced analytics.

The Problem

How can we improve agent channel performance and which factors have the biggest impact on sales for different agents?

Our customer had seen declining performance in its agent channel for three years. Various, often conflicting theories existed in different parts of the business as to why performance was declining. Our customer sought data and evidence to understand which factors (price, product, commission, customer) were driving agent behavior.

Summary of What We Did

Montoux’s Decision Science Platform delivered the following outcomes:

• Built agent level sales propensity model that isolates the impact of different sales drivers
• Built customer propensity-to-buy model that isolates the impact of different sales drivers for different customer segments
• Derived insights integrated into product, price, and distribution strategies to increase sales

Benefits to Our Customer

Identify underserved market segments to refine product strategy

Identified opportunity for lower cost, simple income protection product offering

Determined optimal price and commission strategies for existing products

Replaced 'gut feel' insights into decision making with evidence grounded in data

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Improve customer lifetime value by $6m per annum.



Reduce LTC claims costs and reserves by 5 percent, improve customer wellness outcomes.



Automating the experience study workflow; completed in near-real-time based on monthly data feeds.



Increase in-force protection product Embedded Value by 12 percent.



Identified a pathway to increase sales by over 30 percent.