Future-proofing life insurance

As a business actuary, Montoux’s founder and CEO Klaas Stijnen saw first-hand the challenges experienced by the insurance industry when it came to premium development. Existing actuarial modeling tools are cumbersome. The collaboration process is labor-intensive and time-consuming, inhibiting actuarial insights. This stifles innovation and eats up precious time for getting products to market. Klaas knew there had to be a better way, and so Montoux was born.

In essence Montoux provides a step change in life insurance premium development.

Meet some Montouxvians

Here's a random selection of the good people that make Montoux what it is.

Glen Peek

Software Engineer

Glen moved from Atlanta, GA to New Zealand in 2008, and having studied biomedical engineering and film, then completed an honours degree in software engineering. In his spare time Glen embraces his creative side, by watching a lot of films - and working on making his own.

Kevin Depue

Software Engineer

Kevin moved to New Zealand from Boulder, CO to join Montoux, and was excited about our use of Clojure in production. Kevin had spent the last decade working as an engine programmer in the game industry. In his spare time Kevin enjoys exploring nature, consciousness and philosophy, and making art.


Good Boy

Aiko fulfils the revered role of Wellington office dog on a part-time basis. He enjoys offering enthusiastic greetings to visitors, and keeps a keen eye out for anyone dropping the tennis ball.

Luke Inkster

Software Engineer

New York
Luke is one of our many talented Engineers working on the Montoux application behind the scenes. Luke's an avid rock climber, and learned the ropes in the Wellington office before moving to the States to help accelerate our US application development.

Klaas Stijnen

CEO and Co-Founder

Klaas is a specialist financial modeler, business actuary, and consultant with over a decade of experience working with some of the world’s largest insurance brands in Europe and Asia, including PwC and Deloitte. When not steering the Montoux ship, you'll probably find Klaas taking advantage of the nearest swell.

Catherine Edgar

Lead Actuary & Customer Success

Catherine's background as an actuarial consultant at Towers Watson in London and actuarial services associate director at Deloitte enables her to expertly lead Montoux's customer success team. Catherine has lived and traveled around the world, and is enjoying getting to explore her new city of Wellington.

Our Vision

Montoux drives controlled transformation for life insurance carriers, to help them thrive - now and in the future.

We do this by providing technology that helps actuaries optimize pricing outcomes. With a deeper understanding of risk, insurance carriers can improve pricing performance, and gain more confidence to make better decisions.