Future-proofing life and health insurance

Montoux is the leading Actuarial Automation and Decision Science platform specifically designed for life and health insurers.

Legacy actuarial systems and workflows limit life and health insurers' ability to make data-driven decisions and meet modern customers' expectations. Montoux's Actuarial Automation and Decision Science platform enables insurers to leverage cutting-edge technology and new data sources to improve commercial results and optimize actuarial resources.

Today, our customers include several of the world’s leading insurance providers across the United States, Asia Pacific, and the United Kingdom.

We are strong believers in the power and potential of Decision Science and Actuarial Automation, particularly when it comes to solving some of the insurance industry's most stubborn problems. Our tools are designed to free up actuarial resources, reduce costs, and improve the decisions life and health insurers make on a regular basis.

Our powerful platform is grounded in actuarial science, data science, and AI-based optimization algorithms, helping insurers drive significant value in new business and in-force portfolios while allowing them to operate smarter, faster, and leaner.

The Executive Team

headshot of Shelley Cox

Shelley Cox

Chief customer and Operations officer

Shelley previously worked at AMP in a number of leadership roles, and led an enterprise-wide retention strategy that achieved a 25% reduction in lapse rates. Her sweet spot is working to solve commercial challenges and deliver customer and shareholder value.

Headshot of Geoff Keast

Geoff Keast

Chief Executive Officer

Geoff's background in financial tech has seen him work around the world driving massive growth for financial institutions and tech companies alike. His core knowledge is in helping large, complex institutions digitize the customer lifecycle.

headshot of Klaas Stijnen

Klaas Stijnen

Chief PrODuct officer and Co-Founder

Klaas is an expert financial modeler, business actuary, and consultant with over a decade of experience working with some of the world’s largest insurance brands in Europe and Asia, including PwC and Deloitte. Montoux was born of Klaas' frustrations with outdated, ineffective actuarial tools. He now leads the product side of Montoux.

Headshot of Gert Verhoog

Gert Verhoog

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

Dedicated to the integrity and quality of the Montoux platform, Gert heads up Montoux’s team of brilliant software engineers. He makes sure the wheels keep turning smoothly behind the scenes, seeking ever to enhance the functionality, security, and scalability of Montoux’s products.

Julian Balasingam

Julian Balasingam

Chief Growth officer

Julian has over 10 years experience leading successful commercial teams selling software into large financial services organizations. His core areas of expertise are consultative enterprise selling, tech marketing and go-to-market strategy development.