Working for Montoux

The Montoux team is composed of some of the most highly skilled, motivated and genuine people, dedicated to building world class applications for the insurance industry.

Job openings

Montoux is a fast growing, global company. We're almost always looking for talented, passionate folk to join our team in multiple regions. If you don't see a job listing below that fits your specific experience, but you think you'd be a good fit, send us an email at and tell us why.

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Moving to Wellington

With world class restaurants, festivals, craft beer culture, entertainment, and easy access to New Zealand’s world famous scenery and outdoor activities, Wellington is hard to beat in terms of livability.

Moving to Wellington

Moving to New York

NYC is one of the world's most famous cities with good reason, a cultural melting pot, there's a never ending list of things to do and see.

Moving to New York

Meet some Montouvians

Here's a randomized selection of the good people that make Montoux what it is.

Achim Gädke

Software Engineer

Achim has lived in New Zealand for 10 years now, and joined the Montoux team in 2016. He brings a range of experience in data science, solution architecture and experimental physics. Outside of work Achim enjoys getting out of the city and into nature, by bicycle or on foot.

Adela May

People and Recruitment Manager

Adela spent several years living in Canada and Scotland before moving back home to New Zealand to be closer to her family. A keen snowboarder, you will find her up the mountain at every opportunity through winter! Adela has worked in recruitment since 2010, and found her passion for recruiting specifically in the tech industry in 2015.


Chief Canine

Aiko fulfils the revered role of Wellington office dog on a part-time basis. He enjoys offering enthusiastic greetings to visitors, and keeps a keen eye out for anyone dropping the tennis ball.

Alice Jones

Content Marketer

Alice is a content whiz, helping to shape the outward face of Montoux. Alice is a creator at heart - and most enjoys the time she gets to spend writing and producing video content. She also creates in her own time, with charcoal being her usual medium of choice.

Bao An Le


An learned about Montoux while working as an actuarial analyst at AMP, and was excited to join our team to provide actuarial and technical modelling support to Montoux customers. An speaks English, Vietnamese and French, and has a personal goal of traveling to one new place every year - she has already ticked off 15 different countries from the list!

Ben Tran

Product Owner and Lead Actuary, North America

New York
Ben is the product lead in North America. He spends his days using his extensive actuarial background and deep understanding of life insurance to build and deliver the best outcomes for our customers. As a New Yorker born and raised, he's the go-to food recommender in the NYC office.


Chief Canine of North America

New York
Blue is the youngest Montouvian, and enjoys squeaking her toys to break up periods of quiet concentration in the office. A health-conscious city girl, Blue has been known to sneak off with apples and clementines, and she loves a good long walk in Central Park.

Catherine Edgar

Director of Business Development, Australasia

Catherine's background as an actuarial consultant at Towers Watson in London and actuarial services associate director at Deloitte enables her to expertly lead Montoux's business development across Australia and New Zealand. Catherine has lived around the world, and is enjoying getting to explore her new city of Wellington.

Charles Hett

Product Lead

Charles has wide-ranging experience of Financial Services businesses internationally; both as a consultant and in various insurance company roles. Charles established and led the Deloitte actuarial team for the last 10 years.

Cheryl de Joya-Alcazar

Associate Actuary

Cheryl joined Montoux in 2018, having previously worked as a Pricing Analyst at AIA in Auckland. Cheryl is finding the Montoux team is always happy to help and share their knowledge. Outside of work, she is enjoying sampling Wellington cuisine, and is an avid reader and big fan of Korean drama films.

Collette Haverty

Operations Manager

Collette is passionate about the wellbeing of all Montouvians, taking care of the team and ensuring our business operations run smoothly. Collette has previously worked in theatre producing and technical stage management, and is a self-professed clean freak and serial tea-drinker.

Daniel Pringle

Data Scientist

Dan initially helped us with a short project on referral from one of Montoux’s board members, but his expertise proved so valuable we invited him to join the team. Dan really enjoys the way Montoux people challenge one another technically, and appreciates that our flexible work environment enables him to spend a little more time at home with his two young children.

Devon Steenberg

Software Engineer

Devon is originally from South Africa, and studied software engineering at the University of Canterbury. He recently moved to Wellington to join the team, and in his spare time enjoys keeping active with a range of sports including snowboarding, basketball and football.

Elwin Alcazar

Actuarial Analyst

Elwin previously worked as an actuarial associate in the Philippines. Outside his work at Montoux he loves to run, plays NBA 2K, and watches a variety of TV genres including cooking, anime, and documentaries.

Esther Robinson

Marketing Specialist

After studying political science and working in Parliament for several years, Esther took her career in a new direction by joining Montoux, where she is focused on marketing and events in the APAC region. Esther is currently learning Arabic as a second language, and in her spare time will most often be found balanced atop a yoga mat or surfboard.

Geoff Keast


New York
Geoff's background in financial tech has seen him work around the world helping financial institutions and tech companies generate massive growth. When not heading up our US business from NYC, Geoff is most likely out running excessively long distances, and exploring the wilderness upstate.

Gert Verhoog

CTO and Co-Founder

Dedicated to the integrity and quality of the Montoux platform, Gert heads up Montoux’s team of brilliant software engineers. He makes sure the wheels keep turning smoothly behind the scenes, seeking ever to enhance the functionality, security, and scalability of Montoux’s products. When not in the office, you may well find Gert out sailing his boat off the beautiful Wellington coast.

Glen Peek

Software Engineer

Glen moved from Atlanta, GA to New Zealand in 2008, and having studied biomedical engineering and film, then completed an honours degree in software engineering. In his spare time Glen embraces his creative side, by watching a lot of films - and working on making his own.

Glynn Foster

Product Manager

Glynn works to translate our strategic view into a set of functional requirements that we can pass on to the development team, and help customers gain the maximum benefit from using our products. In his spare time, Glynn is working to build a nano-brewery in his home.

Graydon Armstrong

Senior Software Engineer

Graydon is originally from Canada and after working in the US for several years he decided to move to Wellington to enjoy the 'coolest little capital'. Montoux piqued his interest by mentioning functional programming, and meeting some of the team sealed the deal. In his spare time Graydon enjoys riding his motorcycle, especially when able to take it across to the South Island.

Greg Lowe

Software Developer

Greg's work background included developing a trading application for Barclays Global Investors, and he joined the Montoux team in 2015. Greg enjoys spending time adventuring in the great outdoors, and when not at work may be found windsurfing, skiing, biking or hiking.

Jack Robinson

Software Engineer

Jack joined Montoux after working at Xero, and while he enjoys working in Montoux's smaller team where everyone knows one another, he's really excited to be part of a company on the verge of scaling rapidly, and tackling the challenges that will come along with that growth. Jack enjoys walking the Wellington hills, and experimenting with fermenting his own ginger beer, kombucha and tepache.

Jonathan Wierenga

Infrastructure Lead

Jono works to ensure our cloud infrastructure keeps humming along and has the scalability, reliability, and security to run our platform. Outside of Montoux Jono enjoys spending time with his family and friends - notably bike rides with his kids, and working to perfect an IPA recipe with his brewer friends.

Kimberly Walker

Digital Marketing Assistant

New York
Before joining the marketing team, Kim was a digital content freelancer for seven years. She has been to over 45 countries, speaks three languages - and also knows every word of The Lord of the Rings films.

Klaas Stijnen

Co-CEO and Co-Founder

Klaas is a specialist financial modeler, business actuary, and consultant with over a decade of experience working with some of the world’s largest insurance brands in Europe and Asia, including PwC and Deloitte. When not steering the Montoux ship, you'll probably find Klaas taking advantage of the nearest swell.

Luke Inkster

Software Engineer

New York
Luke is one of our many talented Engineers working on the Montoux application behind the scenes. Luke's an avid rock climber, and learned the ropes in the Wellington office before moving to the States to help accelerate our US application development.

Natalie Clem

Data Scientist

Natalie is originally from Columbus, OH and began her career working in marketing analytics before focusing on data science. She enjoys its ever-evolving nature, and the blend of coding, problem solving, and mathematics. In her spare time Natalie loves to cook.

Rachel Meikle

Head of Marketing

New York
Rachel spends her time figuring out how to share the value of Montoux far and wide, and says she loves the intersection of technology and humanity that comes with digital marketing.

Raoul Pillard

Data Scientist

Raoul previously worked in Paris as a quantitative developer in the financial industry. After traveling around NZ in a campervan, he decided to make Wellington his new home and joined Montoux. Outside of work he enjoys hiking and frequents the local board game cafe.

Rob Partridge

Director of Business Development, North America

Rob moved to the US from England in 2016, and previously worked at Fiserv alongside our Co-CEO Geoff. Outside of work Rob loves soccer, and used to play basketball for Northamptonshire.

Robert Rowland

Senior Software Developer

Rob emigrated with his wife and two kids from the UK, along with their family dog Jack who joins the Montoux team in office part-time. Rob enjoys playing football and gaming, has an interest in sustainable living, and is an avid reader.

Shirley Chau

Director of Market Development, Asia

Hong Kong
Shirley is Montoux's first employee based in Hong Kong, and will be spearheading company growth in our target markets in Asia. Shirley has extensive experience in business development and marketing, and is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese.

Tatiana Santos

Software Engineer

New York
Tatiana is one of the most recent additions to our development team in New York. When deciding on a career Tatiana says the choice was between actuary and software engineer, and Montoux is a perfect intersection of the two.

Timothy Jones

US Development Lead

New York
Tim leads our development efforts in the US. He’s passionate about the philosophy of programming and earned his doctorate in Programming Language Design, which comes in handy working with Clojure at Montoux. Tim is a cinephile and has a reputation in the office for obscure, hit or miss recommendations of things to watch.

Toni Moyes


Toni is an experienced COO, expertly building the infrastructure and culture to keep Montoux a high-performing team as we scale faster and faster. Toni is passionate about personal development and travel, as well as working in her spare time to grow a network of peer mentoring groups she started for women in leadership.

William White

Customer Success Manager and Actuary

Will previously worked as a pricing actuary and actuarial systems specialist in both NZ and the UK. He is a keen sailor, and recently moved with his family to the Wairarapa - a beautiful rural valley north of Wellington city.