Working for Montoux

The Montoux team is composed of some of the most skilled, motivated and genuine people, dedicated to building world class applications for the insurance industry.

Job openings

Montoux is a fast growing, global company. We're almost always looking for talented, passionate folk to join our team in multiple regions. If you don't see a job listing below that fits your specific experience, but you think you'd be a good fit, send us an email at and tell us why.

Montouvian perspectives

Moving to Wellington

With world class restaurants, festivals, craft beer culture, entertainment, and easy access to New Zealand’s world famous scenery and outdoor activities, Wellington is hard to beat in terms of livability.

Moving to Wellington

Moving to New York

NYC is one of the world's most famous cities with good reason, a cultural melting pot, there's a never ending list of things to do and see.

Moving to New York

Meet some Montouvians

Here's a randomized selection of the good people that make Montoux what it is.

Tim Roots

Director of Global Partnerships

Tim has spent the previous decade working in growth-related roles across several international markets. He has joined Montoux to build global partnerships, which will better enable us to bring our solution to the world, as well as help these partners grow their businesses into new areas. Tim enjoys the great outdoors, and outside of work any combination of family time, good food, and travel keeps him most happy.

Bao An Le


An learned about Montoux while working as an actuarial analyst at AMP, and was excited to join our team to provide actuarial and technical modelling support to Montoux customers. An speaks English, Vietnamese and French, and has a personal goal of traveling to one new place every year - she has already ticked off 15 different countries from the list!

Nick Sinclair

Global Marketing Manager

Nick looks after Marketing at Montoux and has a focus on being customer led. Nick can hold a conversation about almost any sport on the planet with favourites being Basketball, Rugby and Cricket. He also loves a good documentary, especially about sustainability or developments in tech. 

Geoff Keast


New York
Geoff's background in financial tech has seen him work around the world helping financial institutions and tech companies generate massive growth. When not heading up our US business from NYC, Geoff is most likely out running excessively long distances, and exploring the wilderness upstate.

Emily Price

Software Engineer

Emily studied at the University of Canterbury, and had been living in Auckland before joining Montoux. Emily is an avid reader, musical enthusiast, and space nerd - and says she wouldn't turn down the opportunity to become an astronaut.

Ben Tran

Product Owner and Lead Actuary, North America

New York
Ben is the product lead in North America. He spends his days using his extensive actuarial background and deep understanding of life insurance to build and deliver the best outcomes for our customers. As a New Yorker born and raised, he's the go-to food recommender in the NYC office.