Use Cases

The Decision Science platform for life and health insurers

The Montoux platform uses AI-driven optimizations leveraging a unique combination of data science and actuarial science to enable life and health insurers to make data-driven decisions.

High Agility Modeling

  • Modeling capabilities for reserving, asset and liability management, pricing, capital and financial projections
  • Model development environment that is easy to adopt and balances flexibility and control
  • Transparent models
  • Run exponentially more scenarios
  • Connect to other systems through native APIs
  • Improve modeling capabilities without the need to migrate systems


Actuarial Modeling imagery
2 files sitting on a line that is pointing to a cloud

Model Governance & Documentation

Montoux Model Copilot is the first AI powered copilot built specifically for actuaries. Model Copilot's ever growing list of benefits includes:

  • Best-in-Class Model Documentation
  • Time Efficiency
  • Documentation Consistency and Accuracy
  • Frictionless Onboarding - No Model Migration Required
  • Secure, Transparent and Auditable AI


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