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The Decision Science and Actuarial Automation platform for life and health insurers

"It’s practical innovation that delivers genuine ROI, allowing us to be more responsive to the market, and ultimately provide better products and services for consumers."
David McLeay, Product Owner of Innovation & Analytics
"Montoux's modern cloud-based pricing tools have proved to be a huge benefit for team members working remotely. The web-based interface works seamlessly and is far more efficient to use and share than large excel pricing models located on company servers"
Ian Maron, Pricing Manager

Working with some of the biggest names in life and health insurance

LTCI wellness management

Long-term care insurance carriers are actively investing in wellness and age-at-home initiatives - however, most carriers don't know which wellness initiatives to target at which policyholders.

Montoux believes that the LTCI industry needs to adopt a decision science approach to tackle this multi-billion dollar issue.

Operationalize AI-enabled decision making to improve performance

Improve in-force profitability and customer lifetime value

Increase value in your in-force portfolio

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Drive new business growth

Win the right customers, at the right price

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Operate smarter, faster,
& leaner

Digitalize operating models to improve efficiency and reduce cost

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The AI-enabled platform for life
and health insurers

Real-world ROI

Make evidence-based decisions to improve sales and profitability by up to 30%.

Deeper insights,
less time

Become more responsive, understand the behavior and elasticity of your customers like never before.


Accelerate performance with repeatable algorithmic optimizations.

Effortless collaboration

Test, explore & share scenarios  with user-friendly, cloud-based modeling and beautiful reports.

What insurers are missing through insufficient investment in data and AI


increase in operating profits from ineffective policy management

Source: Oliver Wyman


increase in new business sales and value metrics due to lack of investment in AI-driven pricing tools

Source: Montoux experience

On premise data infrastructures do not scale

Rigid data schemas limit access and ability to leverage AI 

Disconnected data silos limit consolidated views of activity

High costs of legacy data warehouses limit access to data

Source: AWS

Make more sense of your data, invest in meaningful innovation

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