LTCI wellness management

Make evidence-based long-term care insurance (LTCI) wellness
decisions to generate value for your customers and stakeholders

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Develop evidence based ROI for LTCI wellness programs

LTCI carriers are actively investing in wellness and age-at-home initiatives - however, most carriers don't know which wellness initiatives to target at which policyholders. Montoux believes the LTCI industry needs to adopt a Decision Science approach to tackle this multi-billion dollar issue.


Create evidence-based wellness programs with Montoux

Access a rich body of intervention subject matter expertise

• Understand key causes of claims
• Discover proven wellness interventions
• Access possible engagement approaches used in the field

Create high performing claim
propensity models

• Obtain lists of policyholders ranked for claims propensity
• Create an internally consistent data set universe, including third party data
• Discover detailed insights of key drivers of claims
• Expend minimal effort to gain maximum insights

Design wellness experiments
which deliver ROI

• Identify most effective wellness experiments for at-risk policyholders
• Estimate ROI for a range of potential wellness experiments
• Design a wellness experiment program that best meets your objectives and ROI expectations

The LTCI wellness management module provides intuitive, user-driven functionality to explore the key drivers of claims propensity and intervention experiment ROI. Carriers can then design wellness experiments and monitor performance closely to grow insights further.


Accelerate wellness success with the Decision Science cycle

Decision science cycleDecision science cycle

The LTCI wellness management

Easily create highly effective evidence based wellness programs and learn from experience


Explore how ROI of various interventions compares based on pre-defined engagement and effectiveness assumptions or test which level assumptions need to be set to achieve a certain ROI aiding the triaging of wellness options.


Identify how to get the most out of triaged wellness options in a portfolio. Quickly and easily structure wellness projects and programs and use AI to identify how to get the best possible results from intervention options.


Easily monitor the impact of wellness initiatives through integrated data and easy to use analysis comparing the expected customer engagement and initiative outcomes. Learn quickly to strengthen customer engagement and effectiveness assumptions for future programs.

Decision making as it should be.

Accelerate successful wellness initiatives
within your LTCI portfolio

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