Transform your pricing, unlock more value

Montoux helps life insurance carriers to thrive by unleashing the potential locked in their pricing process. With Montoux, actuaries can spend less time on the day-to-day work of maintaining their models, and more time using their skills to provide strategic insights for growth.

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The missing lever for growth

Your actuarial team is burdened by outdated tools that sap time and valuable personnel power.

With Montoux, your team is able to focus their considerable strategic, problem solving abilities on analyzing more scenarios, and providing more strategic insights.

Unlock your potential
with the Montoux pricing toolset

Montoux automates the burden of routine modeling tasks, allowing you to focus your knowledge on providing insight and advising the business.

Proactive pricing,
more detailed insights

Price more often, in less time, with greater insight, and gain more control over your sales and profitability.

Using integrated real-time competitive data sources, Montoux can alert you to any opportunities to reprice. Our intelligent modeling software then allows you to optimize your pricing, analyze your elasticity, and assess your competitive position within one intelligent, easy to use, cloud-based application.
"Montoux is perfectly positioned to revolutionize how life insurers price their products"
Richard Beauchamp, Partner

It's about performance

Actuarial Transformation should be about growth, not just regulation and compliance. Montoux can help you transform your pricing, so your business can thrive.

Pricing Transformation

Pricing Optimization

Seize opportunities as they appear. Get faster, more detailed insights, and strategize with confidence.