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The Decision Science platform for life and health insurers

The Montoux platform uses AI-driven optimizations leveraging a unique combination of data science and actuarial science to enable life and health insurers to make data-driven decisions.

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Model replication and migration

Do you lie awake at night worried about the accuracy of your actuarial models?
Our transparent models will help you to sleep easy.

  • Reduces a 6-12 month actuarial process to days
  • Requires only inputs and outputs from the legacy model
  • Moves models from legacy on-premise systems to elastic and scalable cloud infrastructure
  • Increases utility of the actuarial model data enabling real-time decision making to materially improve in force or new business value metrics
  • Provides a granular and accurate understanding of customers, enabling more customer centric products and services


Rapid and cost-effective actuarial modeling

  • Open and flexible low code model developer environment
  • Transparent models
  • Actuarial and data science models in the same environment
  • Open low-cost APIs


Automated experience study

Automated experience studies

Do you wish your actuaries could focus on higher value work rather than moving and preparing data for the experience study process?

  • Automated data retrieval, transformation and validation checks
  • Flexible slice and dice analysis
  • Monthly monitoring
  • 1 to 3 days to execute experience study


Automated experience study

Medicare hospitalization risk, medication adherence and engagement scoring

Can you target your wellness interventions to specific members based on transparent data?

Layer SDoH scores onto your current analysis to deeply understand current and future engagement, medication adherence, or (re)hospitalization risk.

LTCI Platfrom

LTCI wellness management

Are your LTC claims costs higher than expected?

LTCI carriers are actively investing in wellness and age-at-home initiatives - however, most carriers don't know which wellness initiatives to target at which policyholders.

Montoux believes that the LTCI industry needs to adopt a Decision Science approach to tackle this multi-billion dollar issue.

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Are your pricing team held back by legacy tools?

Montoux's approach to data-driven decision making enhances the way insurers do business. Our powerful cloud-based platform enables insurers to:

  • Automate frequent pricing scenarios
  • Harness AI to truly determine optimal rate settings for both new business and in-force blocks
  • Easily visualize competitor pricing and relative market position
  • Quickly assess different pricing strategies and their impact
  • Better understand price-to-sales and price-to-lapse elasticities
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See pricing in action

New business performance monitoring

New Business Performance Monitoring

Are you managing distribution and sales performance through gut-feel or data?

  • Combine competitor analysis, market share, and quote activity
  • Move from a distribution channel view to a granular customer and distributor lens
  • Provide sales teams access to specific, timely, and clear insights


New business performance monitoring

Competitor rates monitoring

Competitor rates monitoring  enables life insurers to understand market rates and analyze competitive position faster and easier than ever before.

Do you know how each of your price and product changes will impact your competitive position before you make them?

  • Create market segments to define the competitive landscape
  • Observe the market from a competitor’s viewpoint
  • Define target metrics - rank and premium-based
  • Compare premium and ranks dynamically across different date ranges
competitor rates monitoring graphic
competitor rates monitoring graphic
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