Working at Montoux

Want to know what it's like to work at Montoux?

Take a look through the video series below highlighting some of the different departments, cultural values and experiences of the Montoux team.

Working at Montoux

Shelley Cox - Co-Chief Executive Officer

Shelley gives her perspective on working at Montoux and what kind of environment you can expect to experience here.

What is an actuary?

Stephan Mathys - Customer Success Director - US

Stephan provides insight into who Montoux's customers are, what they do, and how Montoux changes the way they work.

Parental Leave

Adela May - HR and Recruitment Director

Adela outlines her experience with Montoux's parental leave policy and how it helped her transition into motherhood.


Ben Tran - Product Owner & Actuary

Ben goes into detail on what it's like to work on the actuarial team at Montoux and how it differs from a more traditional actuarial role.


Glen Peek - Lead Engineer

Glen gives some insight into what his role is, being an engineer at Montoux, and why it's an exciting time to join the team.


Matt Cook - Head of Marketing and Partnerships

Matt talks about working in marketing at Montoux and some of the things that make it a unique company to work at.

Career Growth

Simon Little - Product Analyst

Simon gives his take on the career growth opportunities he's had while working at Montoux and how he's gotten up to speed in his role.

Customer Success

Stephan Mathys - Director of Customer Success - US

Stephan give his take on working in customer success in the US market and what his role consists of.


Jo Tregidga - Software Engineer

Jo describes her experience throughout the onboarding process at Montoux and some of her favorite parts about it.