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pricing toolset

Montoux liberates actuaries from the day to day tasks of data manipulation and model building, so they can use their actuarial judgment and business insights to provide incredible value to insurance companies. Montoux's intuitive interface makes creating and running new scenarios and extracting meaningful outputs simple.

Thrive in today’s competitive environment

Our unique vision of the life insurance pricing process, combined with our intelligent modelling software means that product and pricing teams can do more, in less time, with greater insight.

Pricing Transformation with Montoux

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Other actuarial systems


Purpose built for pricing
Adapted from valuation or other
Designed and built in house
Out of the box, customizable optimization algorithm
Either customized optimization or out of the box, not both
Time consuming, highly complex in-house optimization build
Sensitivity analysis using your actual sales data
No sensitivity analysis
Time consuming, manual in-house sensitivity analysis
Integrated competitive data source of your choice
Manual competitive analysis separate from pricing
Time consuming, manual competitive analysis separate from pricing
Highly segmented, detailed analysis
Level of segmentation depends on time spent customizing
Level of segmentation depends on time spent customizing
Scalability and security of the AWS cloud
Locally hosted or provider-hosted "cloud"
Locally hosted
Well tested and scrutinized models
Well tested and scrutinized models, aside from customization
Usually inherited from previous actuaries, not well tested or scrutinized
Intuitive user interface, built for collaboration with the business
Steep learning curve and outdated UI
Understood by whoever built the models, steep learning curve otherwise

Pricing Optimization

Don't miss opportunities, optimize your pricing

Pricing Optimization

Sensitivity Analysis

Understand your price sensitivity

Sensitivity Analysis