Transform Retention

Improve retention outcomes, deeply understand key lapse-drivers and determine optimal retention strategies.


Improve retention outcomes (on a relative basis)

*Based on aggregate results from our customers. Actual results vary based on constraints, and business objectives.

Common challenges

Retention is a difficult problem to solve and most life insurers face similar challenges in transforming their approach.

Often, due to conflicting pressures or a lack of prioritization, retention is not treated as a company-wide issue demanding a holistic approach. This results in a lack of meaningful insights to draw from.

Retention related data is then siloed and not used to full advantage in the decision making process. This leads to a limited understanding of the key interventions that will make a meaningful difference to retention performance.

How our customers use Montoux

Using Montoux, life insurers perform much more detailed analysis of their retention approach with a more complete combination of data sources. The result is meaningful insights that drive evidence-based retention strategies. Some of the most common use cases for our retention product are:

  • Understanding key lapse-drivers
  • Identifying segments where the most value is at risk
  • Modelling and optimizing retention interventions
  • Projecting and monitoring lapses
  • Managing adviser lapse performance


With Montoux, insurers gain a holistic, evidence-based view of retention, developing retention strategies that actually work.

  • Improve retention and lapse insights
  • Effectively use retention resources
  • Improve lapse rates
  • Improve the Return on Investment of retention interventions
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