Common Use Cases for Montoux

Improve retention outcomes with Montoux by understanding key lapse drivers and determining optimal retention strategies.

Common challenges

Retention is not an easy problem to solve, but most life insurers we talk to face similar challenges when it comes to transforming their approach.

Often due to conflicting pressures, or a lack of prioritization, retention is not treated as a company-wide issue that demands a holistic approach. For that reason, there is often a lack of meaningful insights to draw from, as retention related data is siloed and not used to full advantage.

Ultimately, this leads to a limited understanding of the key interventions that will make a meaningful difference to your retention performance.

How our customers use Montoux

Using Montoux, life insurers are able to perform much more detailed analysis of their retention approach with a more complete combination of data sources. The result is meaningful insights that can drive a retention strategy that works. Some of the most common use cases for our retention product are:

  • Understanding key lapse drivers
  • Identifying segments where the most value is at risk
  • Modelling and optimising retention interventions
  • Projecting and monitoring lapses
  • Managing adviser lapse performance

Real-world outcomes

With Montoux insurers are able to gain a holistic, evidence-based view of retention, developing retention strategies that actually work.

  • Gain Better retention and lapse insights
  • More effectively use retention resources
  • Improve lapse rates
  • Improve the Return on Investment of their retention interventions


Reduction in lapse rates

Make more sense of your data, invest in meaningful innovation

No other solution provides this purpose-built combination of data science, actuarial wisdom and powerful optimization algorithms, designed for the future of life insurance.

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