"How to" Montoux

Our customers use Montoux for a range of use cases

Each one starts with the common purpose of improving business outcomes through data driven decisions. We work hand-in-hand with life insurers throughout onboarding, tailoring the process to meet their unique objectives. Our cloud-based platform offers automated optimizations and configurable outputs built for any scenario.

To understand what using Montoux might look like for you, we'd love to set up a meeting. If you have a specific question about how our business and products work, please reference our FAQ below.
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Use Cases

How Montoux customers unlock value

Transform Retention

Improve retention outcomes, deeply understand key lapse-drivers and determine optimal retention strategies.
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Optimize Pricing

With Montoux’s price sensitivity and optimization tools, life insurers can determine optimal pricing strategies that meet their business objectives.
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Modernize Actuarial Tools

Montoux’s pricing tools for actuarial and competitor analysis allow life insurers to make better pricing decisions, faster.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What products does Montoux support?


We currently have offerings for life and annuities products, and operate across the UK, US, Australasia and Asia. Please do get in touch if you would like specific details on how we can help with your specific portfolio and market.

What can I expect from implementation?


The Montoux implementation process has been developed with the varied needs and goals of our customers in mind. At the start of each implementation we will fully discuss and agree with you the scope and expected timeframes for the specifics of your implementation. 

What data can be used with your system?


The Montoux application can ingest any competitive data, if you have a prefered source. We also independently work with many different competitive data providers in order to streamline our competitive analysis and optimization products, should you prefer to work with one of those.

How do you reconcile with our existing models and actuarial tools?


Montoux provides efficient and robust reconciliation capability including graphical comparisons, and detailed model outputs. This allows you to ensure Montoux is providing results that you are confident with, that remain consistent with your valuation models over time.