Optimize Pricing

With Montoux’s price sensitivity and optimization tools, life insurers can determine optimal pricing strategies that meet their business objectives.


increased profit (client defined target)


increased sales revenue

*Based on aggregate results from our customers. Actual results vary based on constraints, and business objectives.

Common challenges

Most life insurers have limited or no understanding of how price sensitivity relates to sales or lapses and lack the tools to perform regular, automated optimization. This leaves them with:

  • Manual scenario comparisons finding sub-optimal pricing strategies
  • Difficulty in balancing value / volume objections and constraints into the pricing process (especially when factoring in price sensitivities)
  • Difficulty managing and balancing conflicting stakeholder opinions and priorities

How our customers use Montoux

Across the board, Montoux users gain deeper, more granular pricing insights. Depending on priorities and constraints, these capabilities help customers with:

  • Re-pricing exercises
  • Pricing reviews and monitoring
  • Competitor analysis
  • Understanding price / sales sensitivities
  • Understanding price / lapse sensitivities
  • New product pricing
  • Campaign analysis


With Montoux, life insurers gain market leading pricing tools that allow them to:

  • Automatically generate optimal pricing strategies
  • Improve sales and retention outcomes (value, volume, lapse rates)
  • Efficiently and effectively balance constraints and conflicting stakeholder needs
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