Common Use Cases for Montoux

Montoux’s pricing tools for actuarial analysis and competitor analysis allow life insurers to make better pricing decisions, faster.

Common challenges

The life insurance industry's approach to pricing is in need of modernization. Most companies that we talk to are dealing with outdated tools that are slow, limit strategic thinking, and paint an incomplete picture of the effect pricing has on key growth measures. With these outdated systems, many life insurers have:

  • Slow, outdated pricing and competitor analysis 

  • Limited insights and infrequent pricing that leaves money on the table

  • No competitive data monitoring

How our customers use Montoux

Our customers use Montoux to become market leaders in their pricing tools and processes. This capability is then applied to:

  • Re-pricing exercises
  • Pricing reviews and monitoring
  • Competitor analysis
  • Understanding price and sales sensitivities
  • Understanding price and lapse sensitivities
  • New product pricing
  • Campaign analysis

Real-world outcomes

By investing in market-leading pricing tools, our customers first see a drastic improvement in process efficiency, followed by better business outcomes:

  • Much more detailed pricing and competitor intelligence
  • Improved pricing outcomes for both new business and retention scenarios
  • Improved effectiveness of campaigns for new business and retention
  • Improved effectiveness of discounts
  • Reduced risk
  • Improved accuracy


Increase in process efficiency


improved business value

Make more sense of your data, invest in meaningful innovation

No other solution provides this purpose-built combination of data science, actuarial wisdom and powerful optimization algorithms, designed for the future of life insurance.

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