Automate actuarial workflows.
Make data-driven decisions.
Healthier lives, better margins.

The Actuarial Automation and Decision Science platform for life and health insurers

Montoux recognized on the Insurtech100 list.

Montoux recognized as a leading insurtech company in 2021 Global Insurtech100

Montoux recognized on the Insurtech100 list.


The Actuarial Automation and Decision Science platform for life and health insurers

The life and health insurance industry is stuck in the past. Legacy technologies waste expensive actuarial resources on low-value tasks and prevent the wide use of predictive data in commercial decision making.

Montoux provides cloud-based technology for life and health insurers to free up actuarial resources and make high-impact decisions based on data-driven predictions.


User-driven open & flexible low code environment

Rapid & cost effective model runtimes

Transparent models

Automated model reconciliation

Actuarial & data science models in the same environment

Open, low cost APIs

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"Montoux enables us to increase the level of automation and efficiency in our pricing process. Working with Montoux, we have been able to realize our pricing strategy by deepening our understanding of the price sensitivity of new business sales and in-force lapses."
Chief Financial Officer
"We’re committed to delivering better services and outcomes to our customers. Working with Montoux and its Decision Science platform, we’re gaining a deeper understanding of our policyholders and developing a sophisticated approach to wellness management."
Director of US LTC Wellness

“Montoux’s modern cloud-based pricing tools have proved to be a huge benefit for team members working remotely. The web-based interface works seamlessly and is far more efficient to use and share than large Excel pricing models located on company servers.”

Pricing Manager

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LTCI wellness management

Are your LTC claims costs higher than expected?

LTCI wellness management product graphic

Model replication and migration

Do you lie awake at night worried about the accuracy of your Actuarial models? Our transparent models will help you to sleep easy. 

Automated experience studies

Do you wish your actuaries could focus on higher value work than moving and preparing data for the experience study process?

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Montoux’s AI-driven Actuarial Automation platform transforms actuarial model replication


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Best practices for engaging LTCI policyholders through Decision Science


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Applying automation to improve experience study workflow