Understanding customer lifetime value: the importance of integrated analytics




Customer Lifetime Value

Webinar duration:

55 min


Developing a holistic and modern approach to customer lifetime value is a priority for all UK life insurers looking to improve portfolio performance and policyholder value. In order to do this effectively, insurers need the support, tools, and business cases to fully leverage integrated analytics across the entire value chain. The challenge is both how to develop those business cases and where to begin the process.

In this webinar, Montoux’s Stephen Carlin, PwC UK’s Ewen Tweedie, and Wesleyan’s Toby Hester explore the importance of integrated analytics as it relates to understanding, improving, and modernizing life insurers’ approach to customer lifetime value.

Key Points

- Different opportunities and examples, and building the business cases required for middle managers to gain executive support
- Why customer lifetime value is essential to understanding the intersection between shareholder and policyholder value
- Specific examples of how analytics improvements in one area can improve results across the entire value chain
- The innovation and tools required to bring together an integrated approach to analytics and how that helps form a cohesive view on CLV
- How to approach this process, including specific roles, practicalities, actuarial modernization, and driving the right outcomes


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Toby Hester

Head of Product Strategy
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Stephen Carlin

UK Customer Success Director & Product Owner
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Ewen Tweedie

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Guy Williams

UK Sales Director