Third-party data, analytics and regulation: How long-term care insurers are delivering in-force value in an evolving regulatory setting




Long-Term Care

Webinar duration:

48 min


As long-term care insurers explore how they can make use of third-party data and Ai-driven analytics to unlock greater value in their in-force programs, the regulatory environment continues to evolve concerning how far this data can be used to drive decisions.

This webinar touches on the current state of in-force management programs, how regulators are keeping up with the impact of these new approaches, and map out the key steps for insurers to get this right. 

Key Points

  • Why adoption of third-party data and AI has been low in LTC - and how to address it
  • What are the risks of implementing data analytics and wellness based programs and getting it wrong?
  • Regulators are keeping pace with Big Data and AI, why it’s important LTCI providers work hand-in-hand with them  
  • Bringing it to life: how carriers can get people in the organization to buy into use of data-driven decisions when the first exercises may not get it right


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Vince Bodnar

Oliver Wyman
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Geoff Keast

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Nick Gerhart

Chief Innovation Officer
Homesteaders Life

Why LTCI carriers must prioritize data & analytics

How AI technology and third party data can reduce risk and improve capital reserves for long-term care carriers