Data, analytics and decisions: How modern insurers are improving in-force value in long-term care




Life and Health Insurance

Webinar duration:

58 mins


Our speakers discuss the new technologies, infrastructure and capabilities that insurers are investing in to better understand their customers and the opportunities available to increase in-force value. Drawing on a range of case studies, they cover: 

  • How advancements in analytic techniques and data availability are unlocking new opportunities for insurers  
  • The common pitfalls and approaches for turning the data and insights into decisions

Key Points

  • How legacy data infrastructures restrict financial institutions
  • Why data lakes and the benefits of the cloud provide the optimal foundation for long-term care providers to enable innovation and better use of data analytics
  • An approach to generate meaningful data analytics and results
  • How Decision Science can help you to avoid analysis paralysis’ when faced with the many possible actions that analytical insights provide


Speaker headshot

Vince Bodnar

Oliver Wyman
Speaker headshot

Ralph Severini

Global Lead for Insurance Partners
Speaker headshot

Geoff Keast


Webinar slides

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