Applying Decision Science to understanding claims risks and management of interventions




Long-Term Care Wellness Management

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43 mins


Almost every LTCI Carrier is actively investing in wellness and age-at-home initiatives, but are these targeted at the right population and actually working? This is a multi-billion dollar issue for the industry - can we really afford to not be scientific in our approach?

Fundamentally, creating impactful and effective pre-claims interventions comes down to better understanding the profiles of your policyholders, and using these profiles to predict behaviors to ensure that the right intervention is targeted - this is where Decision Science can help.

Key Points

  • The current situation for LTCI carriers in relation to pre-claim wellness management
  • Benefits of LTCI wellness management for both policyholders and carriers
  • The impacts of micro-social determinants in addition to medical determinants
  • How insurers can organize their data to build effective claims propensity models


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Klaas Stijnen

Chief Product Officer
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Vince Bodnar

Oliver Wyman

Montoux's approach to LTCI wellness management‍

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