AI and advanced analytics in long-term care: Implementing pre-claim interventions to increase value for policyholders and insurers




Long-Term Care

Webinar duration:

53 mins


Studies show that seniors strongly prefer remaining in their homes as they age, even with developing conditions that require long-term care. Provision of tailored care options pre-claim offers significant benefits to both LTCI policyholders and insurers, but so far it has proven difficult.

Geoff Keast, CEO at Montoux, and Char Hu, CEO at The Helper Bees, discuss technical, digital, clinical, wellness and data focused solutions to improve value for both policyholders and LTCI carriers alike.

Key Points

  • Find out how Improving pre-claim interventions can help seniors to age at home for longer
  • Successfully identify policy holders close to claim and deliver more efficient claims care options, rather than the default option of care facilities
  • Understand what approaches need to be taken to better engage and understand policyholders
  • Discover the methods of communication that can be used to providing customers with more information in a simple, digital way
  • Learn about the most successful types interventions that carriers can make
  • Understand the key data LTCI carriers need to successfully predict claims


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Char Hu

The Helper Bees
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Geoff Keast


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