AI and advanced analytics in life and health insurance - understanding the data and technology foundations required for success




Broader Life and Health Insurance

Webinar duration:

60 mins


The last decade has seen no shortage of conjecture around how AI and advanced analytics will transform the life and health insurance industry. However, the reality is a series of false-starts and often unknown impact. There is no doubt that the value of data and modern cloud technologies offer a plethora of opportunities, but what has stood in the way? \

This webinar discusses the key challenges limiting insurers from getting the most out of AI and advanced analytics, explores what tangible steps can be taken to discover value, and where an insurer should start when implementing these new technologies.

Key Points

  • Discover the key reasons many data initiatives haven’t taken hold
  • Understand the challenges that are unique to life and health insurance with regards to data analytics
  • Find out which roles in an organisation will best support AI initiatives
  • Understand the key steps in building meaningful data and AI initiatives.


Speaker headshot

Nghiep Luu

General Manager Data Analytics
Speaker headshot

Terry Buechner

Global Alliances lead
Speaker headshot

Nathan Thomas

Director of Data Science & Multinational Sales
Speaker headshot

Julian Balasingam

Sales and Marketing Director

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