Deloitte NZ and Montoux team up to help life insurers improve product offerings and price

Working with Deloitte, software company Montoux’s goal is to help insurers take greater advantage of opportunities that improve their customer offering and ultimately increase their profitability. Many such opportunities, according to Montoux, are currently not even in insurers’ lines of sight.

“Two of the biggest problems in life insurance at the moment are inadequate tools and lack of meaningful customer insights”, says Klaas Stijnen, CEO of Montoux. “These two issues combine to create a situation where insurers are not seeing the level of growth they used to enjoy. This is in part due to a lack of innovation.”

But Montoux and Deloitte agree that it doesn’t have to be this way. Powerful new tools, such as Montoux’s Pricing Application, make change possible, while Deloitte can help insurers use these new tools to make a difference to their bottom line.

Richard Beauchamp, Partner Actuarial Services at Deloitte, says that the primary goal is to help insurers keep up with a changing industry. “We want to help insurers improve the ways they focus on their customers and, in doing so, improve their profitability. They can do that through better, more granular insights about their customers, and a more agile approach to designing products.”

Montoux’s and Deloitte’s combined strengths make those benefits a reality. Their alliance will allow customers to access the benefits of the Montoux Pricing Application’s increased pricing insights, and enjoy Deloitte's expertise in turning those insights into business growth.

About Montoux

Montoux is the global leader in pricing transformation for the life insurance industry. It provides an actuarial modeling platform which blends actuarial and data science into a powerful, easy-to-use software that helps insurers price their risk. Its customers include several of the world’s leading insurance providers and the company is rapidly expanding in the United States, Asia, Australasia, and the UK. Montoux improves life insurance carrier's profitability and speed to market and allows them to respond easily to fast-changing market dynamics. 

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