Montoux welcomes Catherine Edgar from Deloitte to amplify customer success

WELLINGTON, New Zealand - Friday, February 23, 2018

Actuarial software provider Montoux continues to grow its strong team of industry experts by welcoming former Deloitte actuarial services associate director, Catherine Edgar, as its new lead actuary in New Zealand and as customer success lead for Australasia.

Prior to joining Deloitte in 2013, Edgar worked as an actuarial consultant at Towers Watson in London. She has been a Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries since 2010, and is also a Fellow of the New Zealand Society of Actuaries. Edgar had a growing interest in working to solve strategic issues in the life insurance industry, which is what ultimately brought her to Montoux. She says, “I had seen and heard a lot about the world-leading and innovative work Montoux was developing, and it was something I was really excited to become part of.”

Montoux’s mission, in CEO Klaas Stijnen’s words, is to “bring growth back to life insurance.” Currently, this means improving the way life insurers price their products with intelligent modelling tools. Edgar’s expertise and influence in the industry is already proving to be an invaluable asset for the company, and her initial focus has been to augment the customer experience and support Montoux offers its customers, to deliver on helping to grow their pricing maturity.

Edgar says “Montoux enables insurers to become much smarter with their pricing and product development, and its optimization process for pricing is something that has not really existed before for life insurers.”

Edgar is currently working between her home in Auckland and the Wellington head office, and will be making the move to be in the capital full time later this year.

About Montoux

Montoux is the smart way to price life insurance products. With its powerful actuarial platform, insurers can perform highly detailed, segmented analysis of their key pricing metrics in a fraction of the time they could before, with greater results.

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