Montoux releases competitor rates monitoring module to improve life and health insurers decision-making

Montoux releases competitor rates monitoring module to improve life and health insurers decision-making through faster access to competitive rate changes and data driven insights

NEW YORK CITY (January 27, 2021) - Global decision science company Montoux expands the capabilities of its unique platform with the addition of the Competitor Rates Monitoring module for its life and health insurance customers. 

In highly competitive and commoditized markets, life and health insurers need rapid access to key data and insights about competitor movement and positioning to drive responsive and effective decision-making. Montoux’s competitor rates monitoring module provides life and health insurers with unique and valuable insight into competitor and market movements, while automating manual data generation and cleansing tasks to drive efficiency and reduce business costs.

“We’re extremely excited to share this new module with our customers via the Montoux Decision Science platform,” says Geoff Keast, CEO at Montoux. “For some time now, our customers have been indicating that monitoring, a core component to decision-making, is poorly addressed in their current technology set. We’ve developed a highly configurable module that will initially help customers solve the problem of monitoring competitor rates, and is well positioned to expand to various other monitoring use-cases our customers require.”

Life insurers can leverage the Competitor Rates Monitoring module to:

  • Observe the market from a competitor’s viewpoint
  • Define target metrics e.g. rank and premium based
  • Compare premium and ranks dynamically across different date ranges
  • Filter and drill down to see key outliers and trends
  • Download market segment data
  • Access a user friendly web based dashboard interface 
  • Gain frictionless access to monthly US Term Life competitive data
  • Create market segments to define competitive landscape

To learn more about the Competitor Rates Monitoring Module, the Montoux Platform, and how decision science software enables life insurers to grow and achieve strategic goals, please reach out here.

About Montoux

Montoux is the leading decision science platform specifically designed for life and health insurers, enabling them to improve profitability, grow sales, and better understand and serve customers. This powerful platform is grounded in actuarial science, data science, and optimization algorithms that help insurers unlock the value hidden in their data to make high impact decisions they would otherwise be unable to make. Montoux's customers include several of the world’s leading insurance providers and the company is rapidly expanding in the United States, Australasia, and the UK.

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