Maciej Zabój - Actuarial Manager, KPMG Poland

Maciej Zabój - Actuarial Manager, KPMG Poland

What do you see as key characteristics of innovative actuaries?

I think that there are two quite important parts of this. The first one is to be curious, and the second one is being ready to think outside of the box. If you combine these two characteristics you will have very open minded, innovative actuaries that are really ready to learn and are happy to dive into the topics they undertake.

What factors do you believe influence the impact actuaries can have within their organizations? (tools, collaborative opportunities, leadership positions, support from leadership, etc.)

The most important impact that actuaries can have is collaboration and readiness to share their knowledge. 

What are some key ways you see the actuarial profession evolving in the next few years?

The actuarial profession will move to be more and more digital and international. Actuaries have started to use more advanced techniques and have also started to build the trust in unsupervised methods and models.

What advice would you give someone considering an actuarial career today?

You have to make sure that you love it. It means you really like math, statistics and accounting. Being an actuary means being involved in many different operations in the insurance company that include pricing, reserving and assessment management. 

Despite there being significant collaborative potential between data science and actuarial science, the two fields don’t always mesh in insurance. How do you believe they can work together more successfully?

I think they work together quite well because being a data scientist is just providing a different perspective on the data, applying new techniques and tools. Actuaries can provide valuable insight, including the nuances of insurance, that may help data scientists in their analysis.

What makes innovation impactful? 

The most impactful innovations create business value for customers and shareholders. I believe the most important thing is to create real value for customers. Meeting the customer’s needs leads to increasing the shareholder’s value. 

What are some of the more impactful innovations in the actuarial field and why?

The current trends show substantial impact of data science and machine learning. Thanks to that, we are able to manage premiums, claims and sales faster than before. We are able to meet real customer needs with products that solve their problems.

What is the best type of change we can adopt as actuaries to become more influential in the insurance industry?

Actuarial science has many applications, some of them help to improve society and address global issues. Right now, we have to concentrate on climate-related risks to provide an overview of how different insurance activities are impacted by those risks.