The Actuarial Automation platform for life and health insurers

Platform Capabilities

Data Ingestion, Transformation & Validation

Data Gateway Icon

Data Gateway

An actuarial data lake to manage and automate data flows.

Model Development & Validation

Model Canvas icon

Model Canvas

Transparent yet flexible actuarial and data science model development environment.

Model & Workflow Execution

Hyper Scale icon

Hyper Scale

AWS powered hyper scalable model execution environment.

Analysis, Visualizations & Output

Output Studio icon

Output Studio

Explore and analyze big output data in real time and integrate with your favorite BI and reporting tools.

Artificial intelligence & machine learning

Cutting edge tech to unlock efficiencies.

Actuarial science and data science

Technology designed specifically for the life and health industry with all data science approaches informed by the actuarial perspective.

Cloud scalability and open APIs

Leverage internal and external data sources in a fully scalable environment.


Thorough audit and permissions capabilities

Rapid & cost effective model runtimes

Transparent yet flexible
model environment

Automated model reconciliation

Actuarial & data science models in the same environment

Open low cost APIs

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