Welcome to the brand new Montoux blog

Welcome to the brand new Montoux blog

Montoux has been around for a while now, but while we’ve been contributing to life insurance industry discourse for most of that time (especially over at our Shifting Gears community), we had never produced our own Montoux blog.

Until now, it hasn’t seemed like the right time. While we were still navigating our own voice and place in the industry, and building up a strong customer base, we didn’t have enough to offer in terms of new thought leadership to sustain a blog. On top of that, the Asia-Pacific life insurance industry lacked a neutral, forward thinking community to discuss the changes knocking at its door. So we focussed on building up Shifting Gears, a place where product and pricing professionals could participate in discourse on the topics that were the most relevant to them, and kept our own thoughts and research bubbling away mostly unshared.

So what’s changed? Well, actually, a number of things.

Firstly, we’ve entered into the US, a massively exciting development that has been building for a while. Thanks to the move, we’ll have plenty of announcements, news and learnings to share going forward, so it made sense to us to launch a Montoux channel to record our journey.

Secondly, we’ve learned a lot. Over the last few years we’ve worked with a wide range of customers, developed relationships with the best and brightest right across the industry, and conducted a fair bit of research. We’ve been keeping our fingers on the pulse for a while now, and seeing how the pricing world is evolving from both the inside-out and the outside-in has given us unique insight and perspective.

We’ve also built up our expertise thanks to our rapidly expanding team. We announced a few weeks ago that Charles Hett has moved from providing strategic guidance on our board, to also being hands on as our product lead. But there’s plenty more to come, keep an eye out for more introductions in the following months.

To make a long story short, we now have plenty to share and a steady platform from which to engage a much larger audience.

We’ll be sharing Montoux business and product updates, our unique perspectives on pricing, actuaries, modeling and life insurance products, and because we’re slightly obsessed with the topic, we’ll also share some views on insurtech in general and where the industry is moving.

Follow the RSS feed, join us on social media, or subscribe the Shifting Gears newsletter below to get fresh life insurance tech insights, both from the new Montoux blog and from around the web. Otherwise, check back in here when you next get the chance, we promise to have new content out regularly.

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