Future of Premium Rating event in Hong Kong

Future of Premium Rating event in Hong Kong

Some of you may already know that Montoux co-hosts a series of successful Shifting Gears events with Deloitte Australia that have been running for the past few years, through which we’ve built a great community of like-minded industry innovators around us.

As part of our ongoing efforts to build communities like this in other geographies, our friends at Deloitte Hong Kong were the ideal partners to work with to host the Future of Premium Rating event on 26 February.

This morning event took place at Deloitte’s Hong Kong offices, and Montoux’s global CEO Klaas Stijnen was one of the presenters featured, exploring how data unlocks actuarial insights. We see these events as providing a forum for discussion among actuarial teams and life insurance executives of using technology to grow business, and facilitating networking between different carriers to improve the industry as a whole.

If you’re curious of what the topics are keeping Hong Kong’s product and pricing teams up at night, here’s a brief overview of the morning:

Klaas shared Montoux’s view of pricing transformation as a key part of true actuarial transformation and explained how our platform is being used adopted by more and more life insurance companies in different markets around the world. Klaas’ presentation took a look at case studies of two of our customers, who have seen substantial increases in VNB and sales from using our analytical and optimization tools to extract the most value from their data.

Deloitte director Ross Moore also presented, he has 18 years of experience working in the banking and insurance industries in the UK and Asia Pacific region, and over the past two years has leant his data expertise to a number of IFRS 17 engagements for these incoming standards.

In attendance were mostly Hong Kong-based actuaries, whom were very receptive to Montoux right off the bat. Klaas was pleased to be able to start building new relationships in such a good atmosphere.

Klaas had the opportunity to work with Deloitte partner Simon Dai in hosting this event, and the two really value the relationship our companies are building, with a well-aligned vision of the future for the life insurance industry.

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