The Platform

Montoux provides one solution to give you optimized, data-driven decision making capabilities

No other life insurance solution provides these capabilities in one application.


Actuarial models, data and assumptions
Market data
Customer and distribution data

Commercial Outcomes

Increased Sales and VNB
Increased in-force value from retention activity
Improved distribution performance through optimized sales incentives

Built for the Future of Life Insurance

Montoux’s approach to data-driven decision making enhances the way you do business. Our powerful cloud-based platform includes:

  • Combined actuarial science and data science techniques.
  • Automated optimizations.
  • Highly configurable outputs.
  • Repeatable, detailed analysis.
  • Easy side-by-side scenario comparisons.


Combined actuarial and data science

Montoux’s powerful AI optimization algorithms are purpose-built for life insurance businesses.

Cloud-based, user friendly applications

Harness the power, scalability and security of the cloud. Rapidly run scenarios anywhere, anytime.

Integrated key data sources

Automatically integrate competitive and sales data directly into your actuarial analysis.

Rapid, detailed insights

Perform much more granular analysis in a fraction of the time you could before.

Use Cases