Retention Modelling

Put customers at the heart of your business with deeper insights into their needs and behavior.

Determine key lapse-drivers and build retention strategies that work

Retention Modelling allows you to generate and explore potential strategies in real-time. Understand the full picture when it comes to lapse rates, discover key interventions that work, and model what really makes a difference to your customers.

Montoux's outputs are clear and detailed, ensuring everyone is on the same page when it comes to retention strategy.


Detailed insights into key lapse-drivers and retention interventions.

Optimized retention outcomes.

User-friendly, highly granular reporting.

Fast, repeatable, real-time analysis in the cloud.

Understand key lapse-drivers

Lapse propensities
Key lapse-drivers
Advisor lapse analysis

Measure retention effectiveness and value

Actual vs projected
Intervention effectiveness

Identify the best 
retention opportunities

At risk value
Opportunity pools

Model and optimize interventions

Optimized retention strategy
Intervention priorities

The pricing process with Montoux