Pricing Intelligence

Quickly access clear, detailed insights that reflect your objectives.

Combine key metrics and automated optimizations in one application

Montoux's beautiful, detailed outputs make it easy to align with key stakeholders, explore strategies and make efficient, data-driven decisions.

Compare pricing scenarios in granular detail with heatmaps, understand the price sensitivity of your products and automatically optimize for your unique objectives.


Integrated competitive data, elasticity and pricing analysis. 

Highly segmented margin, volume and value reporting.

Efficient reconciliation with actuarial valuation models.

Easy cross-functional collaboration among key stakeholders.

Fast, repeatable, automated price optimization in the cloud.

Timely identification of challenges and market opportunities.

How Montoux works

Automated uploads of competitor data
Policy holder data
Actuarial assumptions
Ongoing competitor positioning monitoring
Monthly reviews (profitability, sales, etc)
Customer price sensitivity analysis

Business Intelligence

Pricing exercises
Campaign analysis
Individual policyholder calculations

Pricing Activity

The pricing process with Montoux