Ready to Tune into the Insurtech Channel?

Ready to Tune into the Insurtech Channel?

Montoux is thrilled to announce the launch of the Insurtech Channel!

Announced last week at Insurtech NYC, the Insurtech Channel is your one stop shop for all things insurtech. We’ll be covering the latest trends, companies, technologies, and individuals changing the way insurance operates and pushing the envelope in the insurtech world.

The Insurtech Channel is Montoux’s response to the lack of a digital platform through which industry experts and innovators can share insurtech specific content and events. We want to create an engaging space where the insurtech community can learn from from each other, network, and engage with the latest developments as they happen. Montoux is excited to create a valuable platform for the insurtech community and offer our unique perspective coming from an actuarial and life insurance space.

What can you expect from the Insurtech Channel? We’re so glad you asked.

The Insurtech Channel will feature a wide range of content from across the insurtech industry, including life, health, and property & casualty. We’ll be creating unique content in the form of blogs, social content, infographics, videos, interviews, newsletters, and more. It’ll include trends and developments within the industry as well as featured content from industry experts and innovators who have their own individual spin or take on a particular issue or topic.

In addition to our digital content, the Insurtech Channel hosts an event calendar for all upcoming events in the insurtech industry worldwide, including future Insurtech events hosted by Montoux.

Head over to the Insurtech Channel site to check it out! While you’re there, sign up for the bi-weekly newsletter so we can keep you informed on the latest news and events as they’re announced.

We’ll catch you there!

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