Meet some more of our new team members

Meet some more of our new team members

 This is the final post of our series introducing some of the new faces in the Montoux team! With two more hires due to start in the coming weeks, it’s a very exciting time for the company - and bound to mean some further introduction blog posts in future!

Richie Rama, Actuary

Richie is one of our most recent hires, working to set up pricing models with the actuarial team - and has quickly established himself as the storyteller of the Wellington office! Before joining Montoux, Richie was enjoying the retired life of an experienced actuary-turned-gardening enthusiast, having previously worked for AXA, Cigna, Deloitte, Reserve Bank and Lifetime. Richie spent three months in South Africa earlier this year visiting family, before taking the opportunity to work with the Montoux team - which includes some of his former Deloitte colleagues; Klaas, Charles, Catherine and An. Richie is a very proud father to three grown kids, and besides gardening in his spare time is also enjoying giving his memory a good workout by playing Bridge.

Jack Robinson, Software Engineer

Jack graduated from Victoria University with another of our Software Engineers, Luke, and the two then worked together at Xero until Luke moved on to Montoux. Jack joined us in April this year - after many months of hearing Luke talk about how great we are! Jack says he likes working within Montoux's smaller team where everyone knows one another, though conversely is really excited to be part of a company on the verge of scaling rapidly, and tackling the challenges that will come along with that growth. Jack is a self-professed nerd, and outside of Montoux enjoys hanging out with his friends who share his love of movies, games and books. Jack also keeps busy exploring Wellington’s abundance of walking tracks through the hills, and lately has been trying out fermenting his own ginger beer, kombucha and tepache.

Jessica Russell, Operations Manager

Jess got off to a busy start with Montoux, joining us as operations manager on a part-time basis to take some weight off our new COO’s big workload! Jess has an 10-month old daughter Zoe, and having previously worked for Skyscanner in Edinburgh, was excited to return to office life by joining another tech company. Jess learned about Montoux through her recruiter sister, and turned out to be a perfect fit for the team, really appreciating Montoux’s flexible, nurturing work culture. Jess says she also enjoys the Montoux tradition of doing an initial ‘standup’ meeting each morning, where we all check in with how we are feeling - and believes this kind of small action makes a really big difference to individuals' wellbeing and connection with the rest of the team.

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