Introducing some more of our new 'Montouxians'

Introducing some more of our new 'Montouxians'

 This week is the second in a series of three posts (for now!) we are publishing to introduce some of the brilliant new team members that have joined Montoux in 2018. If you missed the previous post, read about three more of our recent additions here - including new COO Toni Moyes.

Kevin Depue, Software Engineer

Kevin joined Montoux's Wellington development team at the start of this year after moving to New Zealand with his partner Molly from Boulder, Colorado USA. Kevin has spent the last decade as an engine programmer in the game industry and has a background in engine development and compilers. He was excited about Montoux's use of Clojure in the wild. “Lisp is the most beautiful language to me, so it was startling to see it being used in production in a real company”. He enjoys nature, consciousness and philosophy, making art, and spending time with dear friends. Adjusting to the local Kiwi slang, Kevin said "New Zealand is sweet as!"

Glynn Foster, Product Manager

Glynn is our newest addition to the team, as our highly anticipated product manager! Glynn will be working across the different teams at Montoux to help development better understand customer requirements, and in turn help customers gain the maximum benefit from using our products. Glynn had been enjoying a break in his career prior to joining Montoux, after spending the previous 17 years working remotely for US-based Sun Microsystems and Oracle. Glynn was excited to join our friendly team, and he appreciated the use of cutting edge, disruptive  technology within such a legacy industry. In Glynn’s spare time he enjoys hanging out with his family, and also working towards his goal of creating a small nano-brewery in his home - he says one of his most memorable achievements was winning a prize in the 2013 Wellington in a Pint competition and being awarded the opportunity to brew his beer recipe with Tuatara.

An Le, Actuary

An learned about Montoux around three years ago, while working as an actuarial analyst at AMP. She was excited to join the team, and help to provide actuarial and technical modelling support to Montoux customers - but also really appreciated our Wellington office’s close proximity to her apartment! An is so far really enjoying our flexibility, and agile work environment - she says it’s pretty easy to implement changes and get things done at Montoux. An speaks English, Vietnamese and French, and has a personal goal of traveling to one new place every year - she has already ticked off 15 different countries from the list!

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