April Insurtech NYC event rundown

April Insurtech NYC event rundown

 The dust has settled after our second ever Insurtech NYC event in partnership with American Family Ventures, and a few things have been on my mind since.

 Lauren from Blueprint Income answering some fantastic audience questions. 

First of all, it’s worth saying: This event was, if possible, even better than our first. The turn out was fantastic, the speakers were on point, and in contrast to our first event (we appreciate the feedback!) there was plenty of time for networking. 

It always takes some tweaking to find the perfect recipe for new event formats, but the enthusiasm and knowledge behind the NYC insurtech community has made this one a pleasure. 

On to the learnings. Here are some highlights I picked out from each speaker, and some of my own musings inspired by their comments:

Puneet Bhardwaj - SVP, Digital Analytics at Chubb 

Puneet gave us an idea of the breadth of technology Chubb is investigating, all with the goal of better serving customers. From AI to drones - they are looking at an impressively wide spectrum of tech. 

Interestingly he specified 10 potential use cases for blockchain, and mentioned that Chubb is working on at least half of those. For all the hype around blockchain technology in insurance, it’s always comforting to hear about some focused investigation. 

Although the timeline of 5 - 10 years he presented feels like it could be overly conservative. Especially considering the rate of technological development we are seeing outside of insurance.

Rafael Telahun - CEO and Co-Founder at Zinc Platform

Rafael discussed the ways that Zinc Platform is thinking deeply about digital servicing and really focusing on the customer. 

A key word used by the company to describe what they do is “delightful” – which I’m sure comes as a surprise to anyone who’s ever had to undergo an application process for homeowners insurance. 

Remaking a weeklong, bureaucratic process to be delightful is ambitious, but is the type of thinking that can really set a company apart. That is, as long as “delightful” is also combined with the slightly less sexy “relevant to context.” Thinking deeply about the customer strikes me as the best way to make sure you’re doing both. 

Lauren Minches - VP Product and Marketing at Blueprint Income

Lauren talked about Blueprint Income’s recently launched pension product. It was great to hear how the company has identified a very clear need in the market – the 401k has become widely treated as a pension product by default, despite not fitting the brief.

I'll definitely be watching Blueprint Income’s journey in this new product with interest.

Jennifer Fitzgerald - CEO and Co-Founder at Policy Genius

Jennifer spent a good amount of time talking about people and talent management. She is so clearly passionate about the team she's helped build, and genuinely believes they have some of the best people filling their ranks. 

Tech is important, but she reminded the room to constantly think about the type of people they want to work with first. This is something Montoux is also driven by, and I love seeing others in this space thinking this way.

That’s all this time round. If you are interested in attending our next Insurtech NYC event late summer, be sure to register for our updates here.

- Geoff Keast, CEO of North America

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